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How to Style Men’s Kurta in Different Occasion Tips and Complete Guide

by Aany's Culture 28 May 2024 0 Comments

Style Your Kurta for Various Occasions

Hey there, gents! Looking to rock that kurta at various events? Whether it's a religious ceremony, engagement, colorful festival, or a big fat wedding, I've got you covered with some killer styling tips.

Dressing for a Puja

When it's time for a puja, simplicity is key. Opt for a kurta in soft hues like white or pastels to match the peaceful vibe.

  • Fabric: Keep it breezy with cotton or linen.
  • Style Tip: Pair it up with a churidar or dhoti for that classic touch.
  • Accessories: Throw on a light stole or dupatta and slip into comfy mojaris.

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Kurta for an Engagement

Engagements are where you can add a bit of flair. Silk or brocade kurtas in bold shades like royal blue or maroon will have you looking sharp.

  • Fabric: Go for something luxurious like silk.
  • Color: Dare to stand out with vibrant hues.
  • Style Tip: Top it off with a Nehru jacket or a smart waistcoat.
  • Accessories: Leather sandals or juttis and a classy pocket square will seal the deal.

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Getting Ready for the Haldi

Haldi ceremonies are all about fun and relaxation, with yellow ruling the roost.

  • Fabric: Stick to lightweight fabrics like cotton.
  • Color: Splash some yellow into your outfit.
  • Style Tip: Keep it chill with white pajamas or dhoti pants.
  • Accessories: Slide into casual sandals and maybe add a touch of festivity with a floral garland.

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Kurta Styling for Holi

Holi calls for a burst of colors, so let your kurta join the party!

  • Fabric: Go for easy-to-wash cotton.
  • Color: Classic white is your best bet.
  • Style Tip: Opt for a loose-fit kurta for hassle-free movement.
  • Accessories: Keep it light with jeans or comfy trousers and skip the heavy bling.

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Dressing up for Weddings

When it's time to attend a wedding, bring out the big guns!

  • Fabric: Velvet, silk, or brocade screams elegance.
  • Color: Think rich hues like maroon or navy blue.
  • Style Tip: Deck yourself out in heavily embroidered kurtas paired with a churidar and a matching dupatta.
  • Accessories: Top it off with a striking turban, ornate juttis, and some standout jewelry.

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Eid Kurta Vibes

Eid is all about celebration, so let your kurta reflect that festive spirit.

  • Fabric: Luxurious fabrics like silk are a winner.
  • Color: Stick to traditional shades like white or green.
  • Style Tip: Opt for embroidered kurtas paired with stylish churidar pants.
  • Accessories: Don a traditional cap, slip on a sleek watch, and step into polished shoes to complete your Eid look.

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Final Thoughts

Your kurta is more than just a piece of clothing – it's a statement. So, whether you're attending a puja, engagement, Haldi, Holi, wedding, or Eid, make sure you rock it with confidence and style. Mix and match to suit your taste, and remember, comfort is key. Here's to looking dapper at every occasion!