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Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti) Dressing tips and idea

by Aany's Culture 28 Nov 2023
Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti)

Uttarayan, also known as Makar Sankranti, is a Hindu festival celebrated in India and various other parts of South Asia. It marks the transition of the sun into the northern hemisphere, a period known as the winter solstice. Typically falling on January 14th or 15th, Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti) holds great cultural and spiritual significance. The festival signifies the end of winter and the onset of longer days, symbolizing a time of harvest, warmth, and new beginnings.

The kite flying aspect of Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti)  is not just a recreational activity but also holds symbolic significance. It is believed to represent the human desire to be close to the divine, reaching for greater heights and breaking free from earthly attachments. As kites soar high in the sky, participants revel in the joy of competition, skill, and the sheer beauty of the moment.

Men's Traditional Attire:

Dhoti Kurta

1. Dhoti:

Men's Dhoti
  • Description: The dhoti is a traditional men's garment, typically a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, worn around the waist and legs.
  • Styles and Colors: Dhotis come in various styles, such as plain white or vibrant colors, and can be paired with contrasting or matching kurtas.
  • Occasions: Dhoti kurta is commonly worn during festivals, weddings, and other cultural events.

2. Kurta:

Men's Kurta For Uttarayan
  • Description: The kurta is a long tunic-like shirt that can vary in length, usually reaching below the knees.
  • Styles and Colors: Kurtas can be simple or heavily embroidered, and they come in a wide range of colors and fabrics.


1. Kediyu:

Description: The kediyu is a traditional Gujarati jacket with a unique design, often embellished with intricate embroidery or mirror work.

  • Styles and Colors: Kediyu jackets come in various styles and colors, and they are often paired with dhotis, churidars, or other bottom wear.
  • Occasions: Kediyu is commonly worn during festivals like Navratri and special occasions in Gujarat.

2. Churidar:

  • Description: Churidar is a type of traditional Indian trousers characterized by its tight-fitting design around the legs.
  • Styles and Colors: Churidars can be plain or embroidered, and they are often paired with kurtas or jackets like the kediyu.

Women's Traditional Attire:


  1. Elegance in Every Drape:

    • Sarees, with their diverse fabrics, intricate designs, and vibrant colors, exude elegance and grace. Explore the timeless appeal of sarees to add a touch of tradition and sophistication to your wardrobe. Whether you're planning a special occasion or simply want to appreciate the artistry, take a moment to discover the beauty of sarees.
  2. Discover Your Saree Style:

    • From traditional silk sarees to modern prints, find the perfect saree that suits your style. Embrace the beauty of Indian craftsmanship and express your unique personality through the artistry of saree fashion. Take your time exploring the various options available and enjoy the journey of discovering the saree style that resonates with you.

    Dupatta Draping Styles:

    The dupatta is a versatile piece of fabric that adds elegance to the overall look. Here are different ways to drape the dupatta with a Chaniya Choli:

    **1. Single Dupatta Over Shoulder:

    • How to drape:
      • Place one end of the dupatta on the right shoulder and let it flow diagonally across the back.
      • Secure the other end on the left side of the waist or drape it across the back, allowing it to fall gracefully.

    2. Double Dupatta Style:

    • How to drape:
      • Use one dupatta over the head like a veil, and let the other one drape over one shoulder.
      • This style adds layers and complexity to the overall look, especially suitable for special occasions.

    3. Front Pallu Style:

    • How to drape:
      • Bring the dupatta to the front over both shoulders, creating a pallu-like effect in the front.
      • This style allows for a more visible display of the dupatta's design.

    4. Gujarati Style:

    • How to drape:
      • Bring the dupatta from the back over both shoulders and let it fall freely in the front.
      • This style is traditional and widely used during festivals in Gujarat.

    5. Lehenga Saree Style:

    • How to drape:
      • Drape the dupatta like a saree pallu over one shoulder and secure it on the opposite side of the waist.
      • This style combines elements of both lehenga and saree draping, giving a unique look.

    Color Palette:

    In traditional Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti) clothing, the choice of colors holds significant cultural and symbolic meanings. Bright and lively colors are commonly chosen to represent the festive spirit and contribute to the overall celebratory atmosphere. Here's a discussion on the significance of colors in traditional Uttarayan clothing:

        1. Red:

          • Significance: Red is often associated with energy, passion, and auspiciousness. It symbolizes the vibrant and joyful nature of festivals, representing the zeal and enthusiasm of the celebratory occasion.
        2. Yellow:

          • Significance: Yellow is considered an auspicious and sacred color in Indian culture. It symbolizes purity, spirituality, and knowledge. During Uttarayan, yellow may be chosen to evoke a sense of positivity and divine blessings.
        3. Green:

          • Significance: Green is associated with nature, growth, and fertility. It represents the rejuvenation of life and the harvest season, aligning with the agricultural significance of Uttarayan.
        4. Blue:

          • Significance: Blue is often linked to the divine and is associated with Lord Krishna. It represents serenity, calmness, and spirituality. Wearing blue during Uttarayan may symbolize a connection to the divine and a sense of inner peace.
        5. Orange:

          • Significance: Orange is a vibrant and energetic color, symbolizing enthusiasm and creativity. It is often associated with the rising sun, signifying new beginnings and positivity.

    Fabric Choices:

    Cotton and silk are popular fabric choices for traditional Uttarayan clothing due to their comfort, breathability, and suitability for the weather during the festival. Here's an explanation of why these fabrics are preferred:


        1. Comfort

        2. Absorbency

        3. Softness

        4. Versatility

        5. Traditional Appeal


        1. Luxurious Look

        2. Drapability

        3. Temperature Regulation

        4. Durability

        5. Variety

    Both cotton and silk cater to the need for comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing during Uttarayan, where the festival often takes place in a season that may be warm. The combination of comfort, breathability, and the ability to showcase vibrant colors and intricate designs makes these fabrics well-suited for the celebratory and cultural atmosphere of Uttarayan.

    Shopping Guide:

    Online Stores:

        1. Aany 's Culture:

          • Website:
          • Specialty: Aanys Culture offers a variety of traditional attire, including sarees, Dupatta, Men's Kurtas, etc. Check for a wide range of options to suit different occasions.
        2. Myntra:

          • Website:
          • Specialty: Myntra is a popular online fashion marketplace that offers a diverse collection of traditional Indian wear for men, women, and children. They often collaborate with various brands, providing a wide range of options.
        3. Amazon India:

          • Website:
          • Specialty: Amazon India has a vast selection of traditional Indian attire, including sarees, salwar suits, kurtas, and accessories. It also offers a variety of price points and styles.
        4. Flipkart:

          • Website:
          • Specialty: Similar to Amazon, Flipkart is a popular e-commerce platform in India with a diverse range of traditional clothing options. They often have sales and discounts during festive seasons.
        5. Jabong:

          • Website:
          • Specialty: Jabong is known for its wide range of ethnic wear, including traditional dresses, sarees, and accessories. They offer products from various brands and designers.

    Local Stores:

        1. Local Boutiques and Designers:

          • Explore local boutiques and designers in your city or town. Many local designers create unique and customized traditional attire that reflects regional styles.
        2. Handloom and Handicraft Emporiums:

          • Visit government-sponsored handloom and handicraft emporiums, where you can find authentic traditional clothing directly sourced from artisans.
        3. Local Markets and Bazaars:

          • Explore local markets and bazaars, especially during festive seasons. These markets often feature a wide range of traditional attire, accessories, and handmade crafts.
        4. Specialty Ethnic Wear Stores:

          • Look for specialty stores that focus specifically on ethnic wear. These stores may carry a curated collection of traditional clothing from various regions.
        5. Tailors and Custom Outfit Makers:

          • Consider getting traditional attire custom-made by local tailors or designers. This way, you can have outfits tailored to your preferences and measurements.

    In essence, traditional clothing during festivals like Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti)  is more than just a fashion statement; it embodies cultural pride and shared heritage. The vibrant colors, intricate designs, and comfortable fabrics contribute to a collective celebration, fostering unity and a sense of belonging. By embracing traditional attire, individuals actively participate in the festive spirit, creating moments of joy that transcend personal differences and bring communities together in a colorful tapestry of celebration.

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